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  Re: An updated povr tarball for Unix/Linux. f6b1c13e  
From: jr
Date: 29 Jul 2020 18:20:00

William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> ...
> Sure. You can continue to use any names you want for function and macro
> parameters. The _<lower> is the suggestion because it won't collide with
> future SDL keywords where some other lower case string might eventually
> - though probably not a_ :-).

I find I'm not .. getting on with the forced uppercase stuff (sorry), and would
prefer to go back to the first version you posted.  regarding that, I did a
'diff' on the respective 'vfe/unix/unixconsole.cpp' files, is the 'XInitThreads'
call (including surrounding conditional) the only thing that would need to be
added to allow the _f9bc4ef7 version to function safely wrt X11?

regards, jr.

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