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  Re: Egg shape formula  
From: Kenneth
Date: 28 Apr 2022 12:25:00
Message: <web.626abfb329797c868d86850a6e066e29@news.povray.org>
"BayashiPascal" <inf### [at] baillehachepascaldev> wrote:
> I did it as a
> macro in an include file so that anyone interested could reuse it easily.
> The macro and explanation about it are available on my website:

Nicely done!

Your explanation of the idea is very clear, and the comments in the code are
very useful. I shall refer to this in the future.

From your image, it appears that the various textures are uv-mapped onto the
eggs(?)-- but there is no uv_mapping in your code that I can find. Do you think
that your macro could make use of v3.8's 'lemon' or 'ovus' uv_mapping ability? I
have not yet used those features, so I do not know where the appropriate code
should be placed in your macro, or if it would work there.

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