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  Re: POVEarth still far away...  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 3 Aug 2020 00:15:00
> Okay, that's the ticket! Thank you VERY much... that's a whole asteroid
> off my heart! What a stupid little mistake...
> Probably the seemingly endless #write sequence led to memory overload...

Well - it's those damned pesky little parentheses again.

> The original version by Melody was even much, much slower - generating a
> 3601 by 3601 mesh took some cool 200 days! My version does it in two and
> a half hours...

OMG - that's ridiculous.
Use what you have, but start experimenting with making a version that's MUCH

> I don't understand what you mean

Just casually look at that block of code.
How many individual times do you calculate "xdim+(b-1)"?
Using that as a starting point, how many arithmetic operations can you "roll
into one"?

I cannot pre-calculate anything!
Yes you can.  Look, think, TRY.
Sometimes small things, sometime larger patterns reveal themselves.

> Before that parenthesis went lost, it worked fine... probably slower
> than necessary, but it worked!

Dude - if you know you can use a table saw, why rip an 8ft board by hand?
I'm using a 21600 x 10800 pixel heightfield for an _isosurface_, and I _render_
that in minutes, not hours....
How are you going to process _multiple_ tiles?   :O

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