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  Spherical displacement map  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 12 Jul 2020 02:00:01
I stuck with it and disabused my mind of whatever was plaguing it.

Primarily, it was a problem caused by evaluating the latitude using the
cartesian coordinates of the full volume of the isosurface contained_by shape.

That threw everything out of the valid -1 to 1 input range for the acos

Just for future reference:

#declare Length = function (X, Y, Z)  {sqrt(pow(X,2)+pow(Y,2)+pow(Z,2))}
#declare Lat = function (X, Y, Z) {acos ( min(Y/Length(X, Y, Z), 1) )}
#declare Long = function (X, Y, Z) {atan2 (Z, X)}

The displacement-map isosurface is on the left, and the bump_map from the same
image is on the right.


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