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  Homebrew heightfields  
From: Bill Pragnell
Date: 21 Mar 2019 22:30:01
I've been tinkering with homemade heightfield objects. I'm sure I had a specific
need at one point, but it soon became yet another project for its own sake.
Motivation: I don't really get on with the standard heightfield object, because
they're fiddly to transform into what/where you want, and I usually want to use
a function, which then has to get inversely transformed to keep pace etc.

I've knocked up my own version, creating a mesh2 between two points in the x-z
plane, optionally with sides, normals, gaussian smoothing, save out to .inc file
and an extra stage of perturbation based on a pigment (which might sound
familiar to some of you).

The image attached here also takes an extra step by using a (functionally
laborious) rounded rectangular dropoff and mating it with a rounded box to make
a tile.

Still work in progress. I can share the code once I've tidied it up if anybody's


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