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  Doctor John - FieldCam conundrum  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 16 Nov 2020 07:48:48
I need the help of a Matrix Master.

I am a regular user of Doctor John's FieldCam macro which enables 
slanting architecture to look straight. It simulates the professional 
cameras where this adjustment can be done through the lenses.

The macro works perfectly... as long as your scene camera is situated 
about the origin of the Y-axis. Recently, I have been working on scenes 
where the camera is situated at about y=170.00, and strange things 
happen: the camera is moved upwards and forwards, the more so as 
elevation gets greater.

To illustrate this, I have attached a little test scene and an image 
showing the problem. H is the value for the elevation of the scene 
elements along the Y-axis.

I can correct this by adding a translate after the "NoFall" transform in 
the camera code, but I assume that this could better be done within the 
"NoFall" matrix. I have not the slightest idea how to do this.

Thanks for any help.


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