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  Pending Storm  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 27 Sep 2020 06:47:12
Last January, I came across and intriguing photograph of Loubressac 
Castle (Lot, France). It stayed in the back of my mind till this summer 
when I started to model it in Silo, and thinking about a background 
landscape. I remembered my own entry to one of the TC-RTC challenges 
back in 2010 (Acres of Diamonds) and decided to use it. Many iterations 
and transformations resulted in the present image.

Indebted to Mike Hazelgrove for the clouds macro; Gilles Tran for the 
MakeGrass macro. Paolo, I tweaked your Grunge texture. Thanks indeed!

Some little tricks worth to mention: the Displacement utility in Poseray 
was used for the tower so that the sunlight might be broken about the 
masonry and the roof tiles. The trees, down in the plain, are 
billboards. In order for the shadows to look right, they are composed of 
two versions: one (with no_shadow) systematically oriented towards the 
camera, one (with no_image) systematically oriented towards the Sun.


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