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  Re: POVEarth still far away...  
From: Jörg "Yadgar" Bleimann
Date: 2 Aug 2020 16:37:56
On 02.08.20 16:23, jr wrote:
> hi,

> there's an option for that.
> "All_File=true
> Echo all debug, fatal, render, statistic, and warning text to ALLTEXT.OUT"
> alternatively, on Linux, you can do something like:
>    $ povray myini 2> mylog
> to capture all povray's text output.

I did the latter... but nothing really interesting had been captured, 
just some one million lines of vertex generation messages from the 
#warning stream - nothing else, no fatal, render, debug or statistic 
streams! Strange?

See you in Khyberspace!


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