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  Re: indoor garden scene  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 13 Jul 2020 06:34:08
Op 12/07/2020 om 12:27 schreef Mr:
> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
>> The wooden frames of the windows, while obviously in shadow, are too
>> bright imo, or seem over-exposed somehow. I guess that the contrast
>> outside (over-exposed) / inside (right exposure, but just) is to be
>> blamed here. I think that I would have made the scene a tiny bit darker,
>> with the consequence of over-exposing the outside even more of course.
>> Difficult choice.
> Agreed, but only very slightly, because, average viewer is now getting used to
> see subjectively tone mapped High dynamic range / bracketed photographs,  such
> as the ones from Matthieu Ricard. So keeping a little bit of this "excessive"
> range in is an important part of the wow effect at work here. Kind of like what
> happens when one snaps the tracked motion of a shaky hand held camera onto a 3d
> rendered animation, it's theoretically less professional/studio looking camera
> works, but it actually increases the viewer's willing suspension of disbelief
> (and it also works on pure live action such as Blair Witch or Dancer in the
> dark)
> Digression is getting too far, but the point being HDR has now become mainstream
> and can be used as one of the many tricks to disguise hand knitted CG into what
> looks like a more spontaneous picture.

I do agree with you of course. However, I have a gut feeling that 
something else is at play here. Possibly involving the slight 
reflectivity mentioned by Norbert, or something involving a high 
"ambient" value (?). Look also at the left-hand chair: It should be in 
shadow (light coming from left rear) but it is strongly illuminated by a 
light from under the table... Is that reflection from the table cloth? 
It seems too bright to me.

But those are just nitpicking comments. The image is gorgeous nonetheless.

> Norbert Kern, you did receive David Bucks personal congratulations for your
> picture over at "Persistence of Vision... Forever" public Facebook group :-)


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