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  Re: Blast from the Past: Realistic Fire in POV-Ray 3.1 (originally byHeiko Rappich on 1998-10-21)  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 12 May 2019 06:56:58
On 12-5-2019 2:23, Jörg "Yadgar" Bleimann wrote:
> Hi(gh)!
> And once more digging in the history of POV-Ray... and perhaps finding 
> something to adopt for own projects.
> Heiko Rappich asked on 1998-10-21 how to create realistic flames with 
> POV-Ray 3.1 - he previously used the "halo" feature of 3.02 and wondered 
> why the media looks so transparent (first and second images attached here).
> (and I wonder why the rendering in 3.1 looks so much darker and grainier 
> than the one done with 3.7... and how abysmally slow my old laptop is 
> compared to my hexacore main computer!)
> The original thread can be found here: 

> Then three fellow POVers came upw with suggestions, first Ken Tyler: 
> "Lower filter value of pigment" (third image attached)
> Hendrik Knaepen (a relative of Zeger Knaepen?): "increase emission from 
> 0.68 to 5" (fourth image attached).
> Finally, Bob Hughes (yes, he already was around back then!): "adapt 
> emission color to flame color, replace spherical with onion media 
> pattern and decrease turbulence" (fifth image attached).
> I rendered all "suggestion versions" with 3.1 on my laptop (did not try 
> them in 3.7 yet) - to me, Hendrik Knaepen's suggestion looks most 
> promising, I would lower the emission value to something like 3... what 
> do you think?

I agree. To make the container less visible, I should also do something 
to the density. Concentrate the fire towards the centre and dim it 
towards the rim, using a spherical density map.


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