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  Re: Mining operations in a new future world  
From: Hj  Malthaner
Date: 10 May 2019 22:15:53
On 5/10/19 4:20 AM, Alain wrote:
> Le 19-05-09 à 22:09, Hj. Malthaner a écrit :
> Those excavators seems to small. Even if the ship is HUGE, the 
> excavators should also be huge. If not, it would take for ever to dig 
> out enough minerals to justify such a big ship.

They must somehow fit into the ship. But I'll check the sizes to make 
sure they actually do. I had to redo the ship because these excavators 
needs some means to leave and enter the ship again once done.

> On another note : Why are those canon turrets ever present on an ore 
> transporter/processing ship ?

Pirates or just in general, outlaws. In the world that I assumed as 
background, police forces are only present near well established 
systems. This is actually the first mining ship of mine which has 
cannons because in the story of the former ship there actually were 
pirate problems and I figured I better give this ship some self-defense.

I shrunk the cannons today though, they were almost the size of such an 
excavator and that seemed all wrong.

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