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  Re: GSOPP  
From: Jim Holsenback
Date: 26 Sep 2018 08:44:16
On 9/25/18 6:50 AM, Bald Eagle wrote:
> Jim Holsenback <ash### [at] nospamcom> wrote:
>> glowing spheres on pavement plane ....
> Those are _cool_   :)
> I can imagine them being used as lights for a real parking lot   :D
> I think that some focal blur will make it look better (more realistic).

i guess you didn't notice there is already focal blur ... follow the 
three spheres on the far left (magenta, green, green). look in the 

> And you pavement looks - like a carpet.   Too soft.
> My first instinct is:
> Tighten up the color map, add a normal map, and some specular and reflection in
> the finish block to give it a 'harder' look, possibly with a small granite
> normal to give it some graininess.

it's slightly reflective (1e-3) ... look in the foreground. i decided on 
no normal because it was breaking up the appearance of the glow too much

> Very nice - I'm glad you got the radiosity worked out - it's coming along very
> well   :)

lol (coming along) ... i'm calling this the final version.

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