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  Re: installer POV-Ray 3.7 beta 38 issues  
From: Darren New
Date: 1 Aug 2010 18:06:51
Chris Cason wrote:
> (Of course, as soon as I do that, someone is inevitably going to complain
> that POV-Ray doesn't clean up after itself when it's uninstalled ...)

I would think as long as it's a visible directory under My Documents with an 
obvious name, that's fine. The ugly is when you (for example) uninstall a 
game, and it leaves the saved games under Program Files instead of where you 
might actually notice them.

Darren New, San Diego CA, USA (PST)
    C# - a language whose greatest drawback
    is that its best implementation comes
    from a company that doesn't hate Microsoft.

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