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  Re: With all the talk of color, HCY  
Date: 1 Dec 2016 18:30:21
In my attempt to locate documentation about HCY, I found out there are
about 15 more color models than I had any idea existed, found huge volumes
of code for conversion between them all, and downloaded it all. :p

Apparently Hcy was invented by a guy named Kazuma Shapran, and he is
impossible to find an email address for.

The following has everything plus many I have never heard of, just no HCY

I found once called HSI, which does seem to have some backing in academia,
though to what degree I do not know:


There are other such documents.

Here is another one with a huge list of models, some not found in scijs
(this does have HCY):


This person has some degree of documentation for som of the models as well.



This is all I could find of even marginal use.

At least I now have many new models to use in my RD art, regardless of
their mathematical veracity. It doesn't matter so much for that though. ;-)

Who knows, maybe someone will find this useful.


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