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From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 16 Jan 2007 15:40:28
"Stephen" <mcavoys_AT_aolDOT.com> schreef in bericht 
> I agree too. Creating meshes from a csg then being able to subdivide it is 
> a
> nice feature but working with a version of Pov from 2004 is a pain. Even
> making the Moray 3.5 features work with Pov 3.6 would be more useful than
> mesh editing.
> One feature from Hugo Arnaut's Bishop3D that is really good is the ability
> to import Pov SDL. It has limitations but it is developing well.

Now that you mention it, I believe that the conversion from CSG to mesh is a 
useful item in itself, but then I prefer to export the result and work 
further in Silo with that. It works not so well with Wings however, because 
the conversion is not that perfect and a lot of transparant faces are 
created, but Silo manages quite well.
Bisho3D looks interesting. I have not experimented with it, though.


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