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  Re: animation rendering stops after first frame  
From: Arne Kleinophorst
Date: 28 Sep 2004 19:43:13
In order to build animations using POV-Ray as the renderer, a POV-Ray 
GUI extension is provided.  This extension (in the form of a DLL), must 
be located in the same directory as AnimPlugin.dll, or somewhere on your 

If the Animation plugin communications is being recognized, you should 
the message,
GUI Extension 'Moray Animation Plugin' loaded from 'AnimGuiExt.dll'
Report any problems to Alexander Enzmann <are### [at] hotbotcom>"
at the top of the POV-Ray messages window.  This shows it has been 
loaded properly.

If, on the other hand, the connection isn't made, you may see this message:
Could not load GUI Extension 'AnimGuiExt.dll'
This indicates that although the animation plugin has told POV-Ray how 
to make the connection, either the dll isn't in the proper place (the 
Moray plugin directory), has been renamed somehow, or has been 
corrupted.  If POV-Ray tried and failed to load AnimGuiExt.dll, then 
look in the file "pvengine.ini" (which will be in the "ini" subdirectory 
of the main POV-Ray directory).  There should be entries that look like 

Make sure the line that starts with ExtDll29 has the correct directory 
and name for the animation plugin.  The path should be the main Moray 
directory followed by "Plugins", followed by "AnimGuiExt.dll".  If this 
is incorrect, fix it and then restart POV-Ray.

[Note also that POV-Ray won't be invoked for animations unless you also 
select it as the renderer in the rendering options dialog.]

jens wrote:

> Hello,
> I have strange problems with the animation plugin.
> When I render the animation with POV, then only the first frame is rendered
> and then POV is going idle. In the animation option menu I can see the job
> still being active, but in reality it is not rendering (no CPU usage).
> When I choose other renderers in Moray for the animation, like wireframe or
> raytracing, then all frames are generated and an .avi file is generated.
> The same settings with the renderer "POV" just render the first frame.
> Is there something, that I am missing (e.g. some settings inside POV that
> prevent further rendering), or is it a bug?
> I use Moray 3.5 build 9330 and POV 3.6 under WinXP SP1.

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