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  Re: irtc...being proactive  
From: Isaac K
Date: 29 Jan 2007 16:10:01
Thorsten Froehlich <tho### [at] trfde> wrote:
> Markus Altendorff wrote:
> > If no one has already contacted the nic.com's contact
> > dc(something)@aussie.org, i'll write a letter to them once i'm back at
> > my home computer.
> Aussie.org owner and admin is also Chris Cason, so no need to send him yet
> another email about the IRTC issue.
>  Thorsten, POV-Team

Yes, Chris Cason has already personally assured me that he is well aware of
the current situation with the IRTC, but since he is not one of the people
who run the competition--that is to say, he doesn't administrate it--that
means he can't make changes to it or reassign administrative roles any more
than we can.

For the meantime, let's hope that Jesse Becker is doing well, and hopefully
we'll hear from him soon.

In light of the problems which the IRTC has been experiencing of late, it's
been impressive to see how quickly the Povray Community has stepped up to
keep things moving along: the stills participants have already set up a
temporary competition for Jan-Feb, and the animation participants have
already set up a viewing page for their most recent competition.

Perhaps the participants of the Nov-Dec stills competition should follow the
animators' example and set up a viewing page for the "Complexity"
competition?  I'd be happy to provide the webspace for this, if anyone is
interested.  Perhaps I could set something up for viewing and commenting
(but, obviously, it wouldn't involve voting).

Feel free to post something on this forum or email me at:
mai### [at] isaackulkacom
if you're interested in this.

-Isaac K

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