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  Re: Can we comment on the 'The Black Robe' round?  
From: Shay
Date: 11 Jul 2007 17:40:41
St. wrote:

>    I think I will leave it up to you if you want to score, but yes Shay, if 
> yourself, Hildur and anyone else that wants to comment, sends me those 
> comments, he can put them there for you. Please use my mr_gold at tiscali 
> dot co dot uk address.

I'll leave the scoring to the entrants, but I did send comments to your
email. I'll post them here to.

Arch by Michael_H:
The narrative is incomplete. A woman in a khimar walks through a
bombed-out middle-eastern structure. A man watches through a window. Who
are these people and what role is the khimar (black robe) playing in the
scene? Feels like this just HAS to be some type of political or social
commentary, but no clues are apparent. Some of the techniques used are
crude, but there is a lot here, enough to make me want to know what's
going on.

chaos by chrisann:
I can't tell that anything terrible is happening. There are objects in
the image which I cannot identify at all. Very messy.

The Duel by steve:
Composition wise, looks like a crop from a painting or engraving. The
composition looks as if it could have taken place directly on the
viewing plane, which is a credit to your arrangement and camera-work.
Very ambitious but effective picture. Mick Hazelgrove is the only one I
ever recall having tied so many disparate elements together in a
visually cohesive manner, but this is getting there.

Black Magic by rfitzel:
Very basic, but it's all there. I would find it more interesting with
some conscious character in the scene. Both the wizard and woman appear
to be in a trance state. A horrified or interested or angered onlooker
would give the viewer a character with whom to relate. Complete mystery
is dull. Some clue to the wizard's intent would also make the scene more
interesting to me.


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