On 2016-07-17 15:27:48 +0000, kurtz le pirate said:

Please check out r7-RC1:


- Textstream buffers to file >>  fixed

- option added >> in Application preferences >> misc 

 put preview window in front for each render. For animations only for the first frame or all frames.


Le 17/07/2016 à 11:44, Yvo Smellenbergh a écrit :

Not allowed anymore to add a full path to the textstream files.

Don't know what the reason is, why must they reside in the same directory

as the output file?

I don't know when this was changed (somewhere in the 3.7 RC I guess)

Fix is easy, but uploading a new version for this?

No... it's not urgent.

may be in the next release.

Do you use this option often?

Yes, i need for a current project, but I found another way to make this.

Instead of using #debug concat(...) in code, i use my macro who writes to a file myDebug ( concat(...))  😄

You can bypass this bug by using an ini file with the options:






I have not thought of these options.

Thank you recall !



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