I've tried it for myself to convert old Haloeffects to the new Medias, and found ist is not possible to get
the same effects as with the old halos.

One problem is, that the New Medias ignore the transmit and filter informations of the colors. For some of the Halos you could convert them to new Medias under certain circumstances, but this is not possible for all and somtimes it is very difficult to get the old effects.

The scaling problem persist in the form, that when you scale the media the same portion of emitting, absorption or scattering is distributed to a larger space. This means you will get lower emission, absorption or scattering per unit. To compensate this effect simly scale the amount of emitting, absorption or scatterin in the same way as the object, i.e. if you have emitting 0.75 befor scaling try emitting 0.75*Scaling for the scaled Object.

In general it is not possible to convert the old Halos to the new Medias because they are completly different implemented. If I am wrong please report!

Yours Axel

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