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  Re: A week's worth of time left  
From: Sascha Ledinsky
Date: 20 Apr 2005 03:54:52
Message: <42660acc$1@news.povray.org>
> ... and given that there often seems to be less voters than entries
 > the vote could be interesting ... The way the system appears to work,
 > with a small number of entries voting is against your interests, and
 > if you are the only voter you will come last !

On the other hand, we could agree to vote with 20/20/20, so we'd have 
tree winners (with the best scores of all time) ;-)

But seriously, I see your point. I'm going to vote this round, and of 
course I'll try to be as objetive as possible, but still: Some panel 
judges would help to get a more balanced vote.

Btw, I think that they devide the accumulated score for each entry by 
the number of votes for that entry, so if you were the only voter there 
would be a div/0 problem.


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