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Welcome to the Web Based Interface to the POV-Ray News Groups

In 1997 the POV-Team decided that they wanted a way to offer better support for POV-Ray. To accomplish this they set up their own privately owned and operated spam-free news server at news:// Like USENET you had to have software on your computer that would allow you to connect and post to this news server. However, for many people who are working on computers with a restrictive network admin. and a dedicated firewall, they cannot connect to this valuable POV-Ray resource.

Recognizing this problem the POV-Team has developed this special web based interface to the POV-Ray news server so that people like you can now enjoy the benefits the news server has to offer. This is not to say that you have to use this web interface. If you have a news client software installed, and you can connect to the news server directly, you can try both and decide which is best for you.


In order to use this web based interface you will need to enable cookies in your web browser. This is necessary to protect the e-mail addresses of those posting to the news server from spammers who search web sites for this purpose. If you do not enable cookies you will not be allowed access to the groups. Further, your e-mail address will be automatically spam protected. This is for your protection and the protection of our other visitors.

Cookies are also necessary to offer you the ability to personalize the way you can view the pages you will visit. The cookies we send to you will not be used to collect personal information on you or your browsing habits.

Personalized Settings

At the top of each page (next to the search field) you will find a hyperlink to the personalized settings page. Here you will have the opportunity to set viewing options such as the number of messages per page, font size and color, the way messages are threaded, how images are displayed, and many other custom options. Again, you must have cookies enabled in your web browser for this feature to work.


New users should visit this group first. Here you will find messages containing announcements from the POV-Team on POV-Ray development, messages detailing posting guidelines for bug reports, how and where to post binary files, a welcome message detailing the purpose of the various groups, and our News Server Acceptable Use Policy. Please read all of the messages in this group when you get the time.