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  Re: POV-Ray Editors  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 22 Aug 2017 13:00:01
Message: <web.599c61ec8045b5dec437ac910@news.povray.org>
"Mr" <nomail@nomail> wrote:

> The release candidate 2 of Blender 2.79 has our latest patch for POV syntax
> highlighting in:
> https://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.79/
> When you put your cursor next to a {} brace sign, it highlights in red the
> corresponding pair of braces. Lanuhum and I added one more color than POVwin, so
> "transforming" keywords are distinguished from objects, and in the same color
> group as mathematical functions.
> All this looks perfect for your need. And possibly of some others users.
> I added a "run" operator to render a preview of edited text only regardless of
> Blender 3D scene. Also note that another add-on exists that can enable
> auto-completion and I successfully tried it with POV files.

This looks like something which is useful, and I'll have to see about installing
it and trying it out.

By the way:
"Pov items can be anything but for now only the equivalent of Blender materials
can be replaced with this method. In Povray, it is called texture {} don't get
confused, it really includes all the material properties."

Don't forget that POV-Ray also has an actual material{} directive...

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