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  Re: Command line to make windows povray 3.6 autorun  
From: Gfans
Date: 15 Apr 2014 00:50:01
Message: <web.534cba3386822c82dcff94bd0@news.povray.org>
Alain <kua### [at] videotronca> wrote:

> > Hi there,
> >
> > I have a legcy rendering code which is based on povray 3.6. Now I have a bunch
> > of input data to be used together with one .pov file. In every single rendering
> > process, one data will be read by a simple program and copyed to, let's say
> > currentData.txt, and this file will be read as an input data and rendered by
> > this modified povray program. It works fine if I just want to render every frame
> > manually. So I wrote a simple code and try to automate the rendering task.
> >
> > Every time an image is finished rendering, the GUI is closed and re-opened as
> > expected. But the problem is that I have to press the "run" button to render it
> > again.
> >
> > Does anyone know how to avoid this manual intervention and let it render images
> > automatically?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Xiao
> >
> >
> Be sure to add /run in your script on the line that invoque POV-Ray.
> You should use an INI file instead of calling POV-Ray directly.
> That ini file will provide the name of the file to be rendered,
> optionaly, the resolution to be used and other options, like the data
> source.
> Another option is to use the animation feature.
> It work great if you can batch create your currentData files before you
> start the rendering. You want files named somewhat like this:
> Data00001.txt, Data00002.txt, Data00003.txt,...
> Next, in your scene, use string manipulation to construct the name
> needed for the current frame.
> #declare InputFileName= concat("Data", str(frame_number,
> Using read and write, the current render can read your data and write
> your currentData.txt file for the next frame.
> The animation can be initiated from the ini file or using command line
> options.
> Files based on version 3.6 will render fine with version 3.7 with the
> following changes:
> The default image format is now PNG
> In radiosity scenes, ambient is disabled. Use emission in your finish
> instead if you want the texture to glow.
> It is recomended to use assumed_gamma 1.

Hi Alain,

Thanks for the tips. I tried with /run, but it didn't work. Actually, the
modified povray code works fine under mac os x. Since it has some issues when
recompiling on intel cpu, I ported to windows platform.

Here is the command line used for mac os x version which runs as expected:
      unix/povray -Itest.pov +W800 +H600 +FN +Linclude &>/dev/null

On windows, I used the following command in the for loop:
      povwin.exe -Itest.pov +W800 +H600 +FN +Linclude /render /exit >null

But when even frame is finished, it still waits for me to press the "run" button
to render the next frame again. Can you please correct me?

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