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  Re: How do I make a torch shine?  
From: TMGellert
Date: 6 Oct 2013 05:20:00
Message: <web.52512a7f4256294aa3ea0a370@news.povray.org>
Christian Froeschlin <chr### [at] chrfrde> wrote:
> Note this newsgroup is for Windows-specific questions
> (e.g. GUI, installation, command line parameters), you
> might find more help in povray.newusers
> > The only problem is: How can I make a torch shine or how should I define the
> > light source?
> some pointers:
> to make an object glow by itself in 3.6: Increase ambient in texture
> to make an object glow by itself in 3.7 RC: Increase emission in texture
> In both cases this will make the object appear bright. However,
> it will not only illuminate its surroundings unless "radiosity" is
> activated.  An alternative is to define a "light_source" at the position
> where the torch should emit light. If the light source is within the
> object you need to add "no_shadow" to the object so the light
> can actually get out.

Hm, I can't make this work. I can define the 'ambient' value but I struggle with
the radiosity setting. How do I write this so it could work?

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