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  Re: how to compile and run .pov through console  
From: Saket
Date: 3 Oct 2013 08:55:01
"Saket" <sak### [at] yahoocoin> wrote:
> 1. To start Pov-Ray Engine from console.
> 2. To setup the requirement for rendering window (via .INI) from console.
> 3. To compile and run the ".pov" again from console application (or cmd) in
> Windows.

I had gone through the posts similar and I got to Run my test.pov from command
line by following steps:

1. In console, go to the location of pvengine.exe as:
C:\cd ...Pov-Ray\v3.6\bin

2. use command as:
pvengine +I...path\test.pov +V +H240 +360

Now, This is opening the complete IDE of Pov-Ray, compiling my script file i.e.
test.pov and generating the rendering window accordingly in dimension specified
(+H240 +W360).

The problem is, I don't need to open the complete IDE or Rendering Window. All i
need to compile and run the script-file i.e. test.pov and generate the ouput as
texture. How I can disable the IDE.

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