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  Re: Rendering 20500 POV Files  
From: Peter
Date: 26 Jul 2013 14:30:00
Message: <web.51f2bf1122430c8aaf3d580b0@news.povray.org>
Alain <kua### [at] videotronca> wrote:

> Are your source files ending in sequential numbers?

Yes... they are animate00000.pov - animate20500.pov

> If so, you can use the internal animation feature to render all your
> frames within a single sequence.
> You can have a main .POV file that will #include the relevent data
> according to the frame_number value using some string manipulations. The
> concat(...) and str(...) string functions will greatly help construct
> the needed files names.
> #declare IN_File = concat("Mole",str(frame_number, -5, 0), ".inc")
> #include IN_File
> The "-5" in str mean zero-pading of the value to 5 digits.
> The "0" means zero decimal places.
> And start the render with +kff 20500 on the command line.
> This assume that your molecule are described in files names "Molexxxxx.inx".
> Change the name as needed.
> You can include files with any extention as long as they are writen
> using the correct POV syntaxe.

I have created a POV file with this as its contents (based on your suggestions
#declare IN_File = concat("animate",str(frame_number, -5, 0), ".pov")
#include IN_File

However, when I run from the command line, nothing happens. When I run it using
the GUI I get an error "Parse Error: Cannot open animate00000.pov" .

This would suggest (to me at least) that the animate00000.pov is not readable,
however, I know this isn't the case since I have rendered many of the files
individually and using the queue (and a batch file) and they are fine.

Am i missing something?


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