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  Output_File_Name -- quoted string question  
From: Kenneth
Date: 12 May 2013 12:20:02
In Windows XP:

Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with the following quickres.ini code
that I'm using? It *works* OK (specifying a folder to put my rendered image in)
but I get an annoying non-fatal error message at the end of a render, "Most
likely detected an unquoted string with spaces in INI file..."  (Same behavior
in 3.62 and 3.7RC7) Sorry if the code doesn't fit on one line:

Output_File_Name=c:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My

I can see that there are "unquoted strings with spaces" (I think!), and I've
tried all sorts of quotes and slashes as a remedy; but they all cause one
problem or another. I've been living with this for years (and ignoring it); but
it's high time I fixed the problem.

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