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  another distributed rendering project. for Windows.  
From: rodv92
Date: 10 Jan 2013 00:40:07
Hello, I plan to code a .NET project to distribute povray renders across several
windows computers.

Here are the basics steps of the process (in a windows domain)

-run an inventory of computers available (active directory or browstat scan)
-perform checks with WMI (computer online,disk space, 32 or 64 bit OS etc...)
-copy all required project files on all computers listed
-perform a benchmark rendering on all computers. (psexec start pvengine)
-with WMI check for pvengine process to end
-once done, assign different sizes of render zones according to performance
-assign a range of clock values for all computers (if all the computers are of
similar performance
-start rendering
-control with WMI the execution of the process, once done check for errors
raised by pvengine
-if OK fetch the TGA or the whole image for a clock value
-When all chunks are there, use tail to concatenate TGA chunks
-if computers timeout or are no more available, re-assign the chunk/image for a
clock value.

if you have any ideas, i welcome them...

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