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  Editor keeps reverting my tab setting  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 11 Jul 2011 18:50:01
Message: <web.4e1b7cec8e9907c785de7b680@news.povray.org>
Every time I open a file, it sets the tabs at 8 spaces, and I set it to 3.  Then
the next file I open has the tabs set at 8, and I have to set it back to 3, and
so on, and so on.

How do I get it to stay at 3 spaces?

I've only had this problem since I upgraded to Windows 7.

Windows edition:
   Windows 7 Ultimate

   Manufacturer: Intel
   Processor: AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology ML-37
   System type: 32-bit Operating System

POV-Ray version:

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