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  clicked 'Close all Windows'.. now my file is completely gone!! HELP!  
From: Marina
Date: 28 Jun 2011 02:15:00
I had POV-Ray 3.7 open, the beta version. I was exploring through the options
and clicked on one that 'split' the windows of my source code. I didn't like it
but I didn't know how to undo it.. clicking 'split' again just, of course, split
the source code into now 4 windows! I saw a tab on the top right that said
'Close all Windows.' Figuring that would help to just close it all and open it,
I clicked it. All the windows did indeed close and POV-Ray closed too. When I go
to my Start menu and click to open it up again.. in POV-Ray, I click "Open" and
the 'scenes' folder pops up and... the file I was just working on isn't there!
It's not in the POV-Ray 3.7 folder. I even did a search on just my computer in
general.. Start menu search for the name of the file... and the only one it can
find is the one I started in 3.6. However, when I click on it and tell my
computer to open it up with POV-Ray, it says it cannot process the command line
due to parse error and so it can't open it.

Where did my file go? Is that it? That one is in the 3.6 folder but I was
working in 3.7.. although that file does have the same date and time that I last
saved my file in 3.7

WHAT IS GOING ON? WHERE IS MY FILE? I've been working on it for days - how can I
find it???

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