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  Re: first time trying pov-ray using tutorial.. error message?  
From: Marina
Date: 25 Jun 2011 15:00:01
Message: <web.4e062fa7c8fcc73e088a3220@news.povray.org>
Thanks for responding!

OH! I found the problem. When you asked what the error message said.. the only
place I was looking was the box that popped up saying "POV-Ray Error Message
Sound" but then I didn't realize there was text at the very bottom of the screen
too, saying "Failed to start render: Cannot open file."

I realize it can't open the file because the file doesn't exist - I didn't save
it. I just typed in the code, clicked "Run" and clicked "No" when it asked to
save because I thought I didn't want to save it yet. I didn't realize you HAVE
to save it as a file in order to render the image. OOPS! :) Thanks for making me
observe extra carefully.

The version I have is 3.6, downloaded from www.povray.org. I don't see any other
versions available there except a "Beta of POV-Ray 3.7" but I'm not sure what it
means to be a beta version. Which one is better for a beginner?

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