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  Re: Can't read ../../file.inc  
From: dickbalaska
Date: 16 Feb 2011 21:00:00
Thorsten Froehlich <tho### [at] trfde> wrote:
> On 16.02.11 03:26, clipka wrote:
> > I'll go fix that. Dick, would you mind entering a report on
> > http://bugs.povray.org in the meantime, so this gets listed as a known bug?
> STOP, that is no bug, that is by design!
>  Thorsten

I'll file it as a bug report.  You boys fight about how to fix the new behavior.

...... Although it seems to me that if I turn off the I/O restrictions, it
shouldn't be checking for ../ at all.

...... If only Windows had a chroot().


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