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  Re: Can't read ../../file.inc  
From: dickbalaska
Date: 14 Feb 2011 01:50:00
Chris Cason <del### [at] deletethistoopovrayorg> wrote:
> Hi Dick,
> Good to hear from you after all these years.
> I can't say exactly what the cause is as I don't know your full dir layout.
> Since the windows version of POV changes the current working directory to
> that containing the scene or INI file, any relative file references will be
> based on that location, not the directory that an included file is in. If
> the failure is not related to this then I'll need to look into it further.
> -- Chris

Hi Chris!

Well, it's just a standard tree...
- ttfo + ttfo.pov
       + haus   --+ haus.inc
       |          + kitchen  + cabinets.inc
       |          |          - kitchen.inc
       |          |
       |          - fishtank + fishtank.inc
       |                     - fish1.inc
       - ttCommon + mainDecls.inc
                  - splineColefax.inc

A full render starts at ttfo.pov.  This still works on 3.7 because everything is
tree'd below the root directory.  But to develop the fishtank, I render
fishtank.inc and have to go up a few levels to get to the includes.

I manage the includes like this
  #declare ttCommonDir="../../ttCommon/"
  #include concat(ttCommonDir, "splineColefax.inc")

so depending on which (development) directory I am rendering from, I change the
"#declare ttCommonDir" and everybody can be found.

I have reduced the problem to; while rendering fishtank.inc, I can copy
splineColefax.inc to haus and reference it as #include "../splineColefax.inc"
but I can not copy it to ttfo and reference it as
#include "../../splineColefax.inc" .


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