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  Moray v3.5 to POV-Ray v3.62 interface, need leg up  
From: phlronr
Date: 5 Jan 2011 21:40:01
Not a frequently-asked question. I am surprised.

Noob here. I'll try to be brief.

I downloaded and installed the two products named in the subject of this
posting. I went into Moray and experimented with the materials editor. I tried
to get a render of the material on a sphere and encountered a severe snag. No
success. So I went the *LONG* route and studied step by painstaking step through
the Moray tutorials sequence until in part 2 it finally addressed rendering of
some created material(s). I hit Preview and got the very same snag I had earlier
encountered. No success. No render.

Moray DOES start POV-Ray successfully, but after 6 or 7 seconds Moray pops up an
error message saying, "Cannot start POV-Ray; start it manually and try
again". Well, there is POV-Ray started just fine, but still the error message.
[Of course, if I do start POV-Ray manually then again try a Moray material
"Preview", I simply get two instances of POV-Ray, which is another no-no.] I see
no shown added lines into POV-Ray script either (so Run simply does the demo
biscuit render). There is nothing in Moray's POVSCN subdirectory, which seems
slightly amiss (I mean, isn't that where Moray passes the data and/or script?).
I checked Moray's Render Options box and all appears as it should. It definitely
has the correct path to pvengine.exe.

So I spent hours and hours and got no where. I am totally surprised this wasn't
a FAQ. No, I am not familiar with either program as yet, but Moray seems
perfectly straightforward. I'm starting with Moray and someday working to the
other, that's for darn sure.

Leg up P*L*E*A*S*E ...   many thanks

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