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  Re: MUST, be very simple: Win bmp as texture on objects  
From: syntotic
Date: 1 Jan 2011 21:35:00
Formatting was for effect. I do know the documentation quite well and indeed it
_implies_ bmp is so native for Windows that it can be used without conversion.
Searching is not always useful! It brings in too much material and background is
such a too general idea for it but I ll try the NEAR...

I had some **one button** solutions though they seemingly appeared _elsewhere_
_somehow_... rounded boxes. You can wrap images as textures on anything but then
you do not care much about how it gets distorted if it gives an interesting
effect. But I need and want the image to be manipulable as the face of a box or
the background of a plane.

What I got so far was... a background plane that shows the picture distorted as
if the plane was hyperbolic space! I tried all mappings but it only gets worse,
both with and without once. And I cannot find the mapping between the images
size in pixels and the transformations the image goes through. Tried scaling
different ways but pixels are still stretched into elongated, eliptical
cuadrangles. Space does seems to be hyperbolical for planes by default, right?
Considering what I want to do, a scene laboratory, what I need to place the
image as background for a plane or square should take less effort than writing
all these lines! I would need something similar to Windows viewports and
mappings, but without waiting for a new feature to be added to the bundle, can
anyone provide a simple macro for picture display on planes? Or how would you
render Pictures at an Exhibition?

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