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  Re: POV-Ray Editors  
From: clipka
Date: 27 Jul 2017 06:56:22
Message: <5979c6d6@news.povray.org>
Am 27.07.2017 um 05:19 schrieb Sven Littkowski:

> At the moment, I work with gray background, but this one and any other
> background just looks not right. Since I do software programming, I work
> since over 20 years with my own standard colors for the one or other
> thing inside a syntax. But I cannot use "my" custom colors with the
> editor at the moment. Thus I am not able to recognize things inside a
> POV-Ray syntax based on the color code. Why such a big discussion about
> such a small additional feature? It is not really difficult to add that
> feature.

Well then... if you find the feature not really difficult to add, I
recommend you implement those changes yourself, and license them to us
under the old POV-Ray v3.6 license.

Our version of the proprietary 3rd party CodeMax library has remained
virtually unchanged from POV-Ray v3.6 (except for bug fixes), so you can
use the CodeMax source code from the POV-Ray v3.6 package as a starting
point for your development.

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