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  Re: POV-Ray Editors  
From: Stephen
Date: 27 Jul 2017 02:50:30
Message: <59798d36$1@news.povray.org>
On 7/27/2017 4:19 AM, Sven Littkowski wrote:
> On 25.07.2017 09:02, Stephen wrote:
>> On 7/25/2017 1:54 PM, Stephen wrote:
>>> I am guess he is aware of how to
>> Should read I guess he is...
>> It's not just my fingers playing up today. I'm beginning to hate
>> Thunderbird with its fancy skins.
> At the moment, I work with gray background, but this one and any other
> background just looks not right. Since I do software programming, I work
> since over 20 years with my own standard colors for the one or other
> thing inside a syntax. But I cannot use "my" custom colors with the
> editor at the moment. Thus I am not able to recognize things inside a
> POV-Ray syntax based on the color code. Why such a big discussion about
> such a small additional feature? It is not really difficult to add that
> feature.

I must admit I was wrong. I thought the editor was configurable. I 
suppose it is, in a way. But reminiscent of the way DOS programs looked. 
It is so long since I looked at the settings I was remembering how I 
felt about them, then.
So I support your feature request.
But, if memory serves me well. There is no one to do it. The Pov team 
are all working on other things and your request is cosmetic.
So unless you can hack the editor code. The only other thing to do is 
keep nagging until one of them gets sick enough of it to add a custom 
colour into the list. That's how it was done in days of yore. ;)



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