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  Re: 3.7 RC6 Source Code  
From: clipka
Date: 2 Feb 2013 02:14:32
Am 02.02.2013 00:32, schrieb Spota:
> Why is it soooo hard for the PovRay-Team to put the Source-Code of 3.7 RC6
> online ?????

Why is it soooo hard for some people to ask in a polite manner first, 
maybe even show a bit of patience, before posting in an annoyed tone on 
two different forums at once ?????

It's not like people have been requesting the Windows source code daily 
(actually AFAIK you're the first one in over a year), or that we could 
read your mind that you would like to get access to it; and - believe it 
or not - it's a bit more work than just dumping all the source code from 
the repository into a zip file. Not an excessive lot of work, but work 
nonetheless, competing with plenty of other issues (not to mention Real 
Life) for the POV-Ray Dev Team's time.

Besides, if you're really desperate and in urgent need, it shouldn't be 
to difficult to plug the RC6 code from the Linux source package into the 
Visual Studio projects for RC3 to get you started.

Oh, and please forgive the Dev Team if you never see an official RC6 
Windows source release; but knowing now that demand exists, I'm sure 
we'll be seeing a Windows source code release for RC7, which is 
currently nearing completion.

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