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  Re: first time trying pov-ray using tutorial.. error message?  
From: clipka
Date: 25 Jun 2011 12:40:36
Message: <4e060f84$1@news.povray.org>
Am 25.06.2011 09:20, schrieb Marina:
> I just discovered the existence of POV-Ray. I found an online tutorial
> (http://library.thinkquest.org/3285/) and typed in the source code for a simple
> red ball exactly as they had it:
> camera {
>    location <2,5,-10>
>    look_at <0,0,0>
> }
> light_source {
>    <0,-10,0>
>    color rgb <1,1,1>
> }
> sphere {
>    <0,0,0>, 5
>    pigment { color rgb <1,0,0>  }
> }
> But when I click "Run," a little box pops up that says "Parse Error." What does
> 'parse' mean and why won't it render the image? I even copy and pasted the above
> source code and still nothing.

In layman's terms, "parsing" is the process of a program (in this case 
POV-Ray) analyzing the source code, trying to figure out what you want 
the program to do; consequently, "parse error" means that there's some 
problem that causes the program to not understand the source code (or 
some part thereof).

I don't see any problems with the above code though - except that the 
ball is a very dark red and therefore barely visible. It renders with 
both POV-Ray 3.62 (which is the latest release declared officially 
stable) and POV-Ray 3.7RC3 (which is the latest release candidate for 
version 3.70).

BTW, which version are you using?

Could it be possible that you made a typo in the code you fed to 
POV-Ray, while posting excactly as shown on thinkquest.org?

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