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  Re: Install for multiple users  
From: Thorsten Froehlich
Date: 6 May 2011 18:01:02
On 06.05.11 19:39, Alain wrote:
> Then, those files can point to the location where the common files are
> located: Have everyone use the same include folder.

Generally that is a bad idea and specifically this is the reason why the 
POV-Ray installer no longer puts this folder into the application's folder.

> Edit povray.ini to point to the actual location of the include folder by
> adding this line:
> input__File_Name=<path to the include folder>
> And add those lines to the pvengine.ini:
> [Permitted Input Paths]
> 1=<path to the include folder>
> Make sure that each users have read permission to that folder.

> They don't need write permission.

Nope, that is incorrect.

> Do that before you copy those to each user's folder so you only have to edit
> it once.
> You can also have all renders sent to the same folder:
> In povray.ini:
> Output_File_Name=d:\common images folder\

This seems highly undesirable in a university environment that he is in (I 
know because this IP used for posting to the news server traces back to an 
.edu domain).

> In pvengine.ini:
> [Permitted output Paths]
> 1=d:\common images folder\
> Use your actual path. You can use a location in the All Users folder or any
> other location of your choice.
> In that case, it's also advisable to add that location as a possible input
> path, as one scene can be used to generate an image map or height field for
> another.
> The user can always create he's own inc and ini files that can reside in the
> same folder as his pov files.
> Apart from the 2 mentioned ini files, you realy only need to copy the Scenes
> folder to the user's folders.

That is actually the last folder needed to be copied, as it is not needed by 
users as it only contains sample scenes. Essential is copying the include 
folder to all users.

Thorsten, POV-Team

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