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  Re: MUST, be very simple: Win bmp as texture on objects  
From: Alain
Date: 1 Jan 2011 19:36:39
syntotic a écrit :
> Should be the SIMPLEST advanced PovRay task: to wrap a simple Windows BMP image
> astexture. Just specify camera, lights, object... and the texture. Then the
> object is wrapped by a SIMPLE Windows BMP (bit-map file) ad the object becomes
> the bitmap image! Like in, I camera watch a SIMPLE PLANE and the observed face
> IS, the Windows BMP image I provided! No nonsense bmp spotting on a plane. Then
> I can make transformation, change light colors, brake the plane, extend into 3D
> forms, filter colors... but a SIMPLE BMP Windows image. No keyword magic, no 3D
> coords expertise, just WATCH the SIMPLE BMP image on a PLANE from a point of
> view with a camera and lights. Like in a theater stage? No advanced language
> knowledge, no wading in documentation to project a SIMPLE WINDOWS BMP image on a
> plane and use it as background, landscape, primed oil surface, whatever...
> simple newbie secods with no expertise to project a SIMPLE BMP WINDOWS IMAGE as
> surface texture, without going into material maps, color indexes,
> transformations... JUST a SIMPLE WINDOWS BMP BMP IMAGE FILE as texture on a
> watched plane or object. Why not a single word? Landscape. Photographed texture.
> Stage scene. a SIMPLE WINDOWS BMP BMP IMAGE FILE TEXTURE. So... what are the
> like a plane or a cube?
A little formating would help. Just a few line breaks would make this a 
lot more readable.

If you read the documentations, you'll find that image_map is applied 
from coordinate <0,0,0> to <1,1,0> and tilled to fill a plane. It also 
extend to infinity along the Z axis. That's the default properties.
You can apply it to any plane{z, Something} as is.
You can also apply it to this box:
box{0,1} that you can then scale and position as you want.

You can scale that image_map.

You can prevent the tilling by using "once".

You can change the maping beaviour using the various maping options: 
map_type Type
Type can take the values 0 (planar), 1 (spherical), 2 (cylindrical) and 
5 (toroidal)

The maping can be further expanded using the warp{...} feature.

Don't forget to actualy READ the documentation. There is a copy included 
with the programm itself. There is also an online version available. 
That version benefits from current changes and corrections.


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