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From: Bridgeofstraws
Subject: SMPOV and Povray Registry File, Help Required.
Date: 31 Oct 2008 13:10:00
Message: <web.490b3b6c8e337cf7e5111f320@news.povray.org>

I recently decided that LAN network rendering of POV-Ray (3.6.1) animations
would be a great benefit to me.  So I decided to search on google to see what I
could find.  I found SMPOV, PVMPOV, Pov-Anywhere, and HTTPPov.  SMPOV (version
4.6 distro 3) seemed to be the msot promosing and simple solution.  The only
problem is I can't get it to work because everytime I try to run SMPOV I get an
error message that says "POV-Ray 3.5 was not installed properly or the exe file
could not be found."  At this point I figured that the error was due to me not
installing povray but rather just copying the povray folder from another
computer.  I've used POV-Ray for a few years now and until now there has been
no reason for me to use the POV-Ray installer.  I would still prefer not to
have to do this because that would require doing this on several computers.  I
would also like to use SMPOV for not only the official POV-Ray but also MegaPOV
and MCPOV.  I looked again to google for some troubleshooting help and came
..  This post seems to indicate that there was a version of SMPOV that allowed
you to specify the location of POV-Ray.

My question is: Where can I get the version of SMPOV that allows you to specify
the location of POV-Ray?  Also, if there is no version like this, is there a
different LAN (can't require the internet unfortunately) network rendering

Any help is appreciated, thank you.


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