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  POVRay 3.7 with depth-map unofficial patch release  
From: handos
Date: 17 Jul 2011 12:35:01
Message: <web.4e230e6e98e202ddd7ae32040@news.povray.org>
Dear everyone,

I'd like to let you guys know of the recent change I made to the source code of
POVRay-3.7 to get the depth-map and camera parameters alongside
original image. Depth-maps are quite essential and important if one wants to
work on the 3D structure of the environment e.g. People in SLAM (Simultaneous
Localisation and Mapping), dense optical flow computation (Lucas Kanade 2.5D)
and ESM (Efficient Second Order Minimisation for image registration). It was
easy to get the depth-map with MegaPOV using PP_Init_Depth() directive function
but for scenes which take a lot of time to render e.g. Jaime's office scene
(Presistence of Ignorancia), POVRay-3.7 reduces a dramatic overhead in time by
multi-threading. So, in order to get the depth-map I had to change the 3.7 code
at some places and I was happy to get the depth-map without much hassles. I'd
also like to thank the suggestions I received on this forum to help me figure
out where do I need to change the code.

I've kept the code here at my git-hub[
https://github.com/ankurhanda/povray.3.7.0.RC3.withdepthmap]. Please feel free
to download the code and try it out yourself. Please find the README_ANKUR file
here at
to get started. I'd be very keen on your suggestions, complaints and comments.

Kind Regards,

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