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  Re: Compiling mcPov ?  
From: clipka
Date: 8 Jun 2009 16:45:00
LightBeam <seb### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> Hello, can somebody help me compiling mcpov ? I put the mcpov's
> "0.0.5/sources" files contained in the folder to the "megapov/sources"
> folder but I have error while compiling, like...
> parse.cpp:(.text+0x17a9c): undefined reference to `pov::sort_portals_MC'
> parse.cpp:(.text+0x17aa8): undefined reference to
> `pov::check_portal_overlap_MC'

This looks like some modules were either not re-compiled after applying the
source code changes, or they were not linked in (and maybe not even compiled at

IIRC MCPov not only replaces files from MegaPOV, but also adds one or two; for
the .cpp files among those, you need to add the respective modules to the
makefile so they are compiled and linked properly.

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