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  Errors on MPI Povray 3.1g  
From: einarabelc5
Date: 9 May 2007 12:35:01
Message: <web.4641f7a8ba0065385fb7d6ee0@news.povray.org>

I've been having the following error when running this version with mpirun

Persistence of Vision(tm) Ray Tracer Version 3.1g
  This is an unofficial version compiled by:
  Leon Verrall (leo### [at] sgicom)
  The POV-Ray Team(tm) is not responsible for supporting this version.
Copyright 1999 POV-Ray Team(tm)
Initializing MPI-POVRAY

Parsing (Slave PE 1)..    }
    scale s

   finish{Luminous <----ERROR

/home/laudin/test/test01.pov:40: error: No matching } in finish,
undeclared identifier 'Luminous' found instead.

Now, by adding the "}" mark the same error occurs in the textures.inc file
at line 1224, which is part of the water texture:

#declare Water =
texture {
    pigment{ rgbf <0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.9> }
    normal {
        ripples 0.75
        frequency 10
    finish {
        reflection {0.3, 1 fresnel}

In this case with the reflection line, as you may see the "}" is there.

Any ideas about this error?

Thank You.

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