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  Re: Megapov XRS Server v2.0.5 and pyxrsclient v0.6.7 released  
From: Christoph Hormann
Date: 1 Sep 2006 11:45:03
Message: <ed9khj$k79$1@chho.imagico.de>
George Pantazopoulos wrote:
> Website:
> http://www.gammaburst.net/xrs

I am strongly missing some explanation on how your tools and especially 
your modifications of POV-Ray work.  What is the server?  What is the 
client?  What data is exchanged between both and how (the screenshot 
indicates there is HTTP involved)?  What is different about the modified 
version of POV-Ray/MegaPOV and how does it interact with the scripts in 
the package?

This looks like a good approach on network rendering with POV-Ray 3.6 
(although the dependency on nonstandard libs is limiting) but some solid 
documentation would be very important.

BTW you should include the POV-Ray license files with the modified 
POV-Ray source files.

> With valuable feedback from Jaime Vives Piqueres, I fixed a bug in version
> 2.0.5 where radiosity data was lost in between rendering tiles. Now there
> are far fewer tiling artifacts when doing radiosity scenes, and they can be
> eliminated altogether using Jaime's two-pass technique (involves
> precalculating rad data using a normal version of megapov first)

Now this is unlikely - considering the modifications you made even 
impossible - that you can guarantee tiling artefact free results with 
non-sequential rendering.  Running the pretrace for the full image in 
advance will reduce the problems but it will not remove them (try 
comparing two images of two different renders with different tilings and 
you will see).

The newest radiosity patches in MegaPOV can help you minimize the 
differences but without further changes (which will involve performance 
loss) you won't get completely reproducible results in parallel renders 
using radiosity.


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