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  Re: povr / hgpovray38 / pov-ray 4 (was Re: Spiral Warp)  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 26 Feb 2021 02:44:22
Message: <6038a6d6$1@news.povray.org>
Op 25/02/2021 om 16:33 schreef William F Pokorny:
> On 2/22/21 11:40 AM, Le_Forgeron wrote:
>> Le 22/02/2021 à 08:43, Thomas de Groot a écrit :
>>> Just out of curiosity: How is this related to "POV-Ray 4" or whatever
>>> POV-Ray 4 stands for? I am lost about the history of that ng.
> ...
>> I do not know if there is any correlation between pov4 and povr.
> None.
> My povr branch implements some things 'I' think should be part of any 
> povray 4.0.
>> For me, povr (as well as hgpovray38) is a divergent work from official
>> povray (3.8 not yet published), so it would have been better to continue
>> in p.u.patches .
> The povr branch has only been 'published' as a patch/tarball.
> I've been mentioning the work in other newsgroups when I think it helps 
> along a POV-Ray discussions or when a povr update has been driven by a 
> bug or discussion in some newsgroup.
> It's also true I've borrowed the povray.beta-test.binaries newsgroup to 
> publish some of the functionality. In not being mirrored to the web 
> interface that group mostly doesn't show up to regular users, but was 
> thinking my 'ideas' for the future are at least documented in a place 
> later povray developers can find along with code in an occasionally 
> published tar ball.
> ...I see on coming back, discussions in other newsgroups where I could 
> chime in with detail and stuff only povr at the moment can do - though 
> much of the basic infrastructure is there in POV-Ray already.
> But, I see your point too. Mention of povr, other than here, is 
> confusing and noise to all but a 'very few' users. Unlike your branch 
> and Dick's, the povr branch is not in total compatible with v3.8 master.
> I'll aim to limit povr mentions to this newsgroup. I'll still put 
> tarballs in povray.binaries.programming when I happen to get something 
> together.
> No one should take povr as other than my personal branch!
> Aside: I am mostly busy with real life for a bit (a week?). I need to do 
> my US taxes :-( Plus, get after some other too long put off tasks about 
> the home.
> Bill P.

Please go on posting about povr (and Le_Forgeron about hgpovray38) 
wherever you see the necessity. Those are important works which I follow 
with interest, even if most of the time the content goes way over my 
head. ;-)  I see them as beachheads for any future version of POV-Ray, 
even an official version 3.8, but certainly higher, being that 4.0 or 
3.9+. Keep up the good work!

In the meantime, there is the matter of all the current includes files 
to consider too for instance, as I was made aware of again. I would 
gladly contribute to their upgrading to more modern standards where 
textures and such are concerned. However, I have some misgivings about 
my role as I know that health issues in my close family environment in 
the (near) future may seriously hamper or stop my contribution. Otoh, I 
always could start something of course and see where it leads me...

[Good luck with the taxes. Mine (NL) are coming up next month.]


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