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  Re: Error compiling UberPOV master  
From: Jaime Vives Piqueres
Date: 14 Aug 2014 13:04:59
Message: <53ecec3b$1@news.povray.org>
El 14/08/14 a las #4, clipka escribió:
> Am 14.08.2014 16:12, schrieb Jaime Vives Piqueres:
>> That worked, thanks... I was trying to test the persistent
>> variables with an animation of my bullet physics car, and it worked
>> great: making the big meshes persistent, I've reduced the frame
>> render times from 10-11s to 2-3s! So, the 11h render should be
>> ready now in just 3h.
> Hey, that's cool :-)

   Yeah, indeed... animations with big meshes are now very reasonable,
while before the parsing time would turn you away.


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