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  Re: POVRay 3.7 with depth-map unofficial patch release  
From: clipka
Date: 8 Nov 2011 18:46:47
Message: <4eb9bf67$1@news.povray.org>
Am 08.11.2011 16:43, schrieb jhu:

>> (With the 3.7 release proper things will get a lot easier again.)
> What else needs to be done for the final 3.7 release?

Mostly stuff "outside" of the actual POV-Ray program. The installer 
still needs some overhaul, the Windows console version needs to be 
brought back to life, installation procedure documentation needs to be 
reviewed and possibly rewritten, recommendations for 3rd party patches 
would be nice to have as well, there's a motion to include openEXR and 
boost into the source distributions - stuff like that.

As for the actual programming work, bugs.povray.org knows all the 
pending issues.

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